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HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE EDGES CARP RIG GUIDE... Over the coming pages we have drawn on the expertise of Fox’s consultants from across Europe to help you master some of the most effective carp rigs on the planet.

Ukázky návazců a montáží, které používají členové teamu Fox.

Fishing knots

Wanitamalas Want To Start Fly Fishing. Among the various fishing techniques, fly fishing is uniquely unique. This technique requires the expertise of .

Carp fishing knots : Palomar knot

Palomar knot - I love this fishing knot! Strong, reliable, and easy to tie with just a little practice!

Carp Short Session Success by Julian Cundiff - Rig illustrations artwork

When Julian Cundiff’s first technical book appeared some seventeen years ago many who read it likened it to a nineties version of the classic ca.