Jennifer Coyne Qudeen --interesting tool/technique

pen and paper Jennifer Coyne Qudeen : Scotland - Tactile Notebooks Day 3

Lois Albinson - ‘Neglect’ Sketchbook Page Inspiration

MAKE THINGS LINK Fashion Moodboard "Neglect" weathered surfaces theme - fashion design development process // Lois Albinson

Lourdes Sanchez, untitled i 2012, pencil & ink

Sparse, experimental watercolors by Lourdes Sanchez.

Media trials, sketchbook,. Online support covering all aspects of applying to art college.

Tips for producing an amazing GCSE or A Level Art sketchbook

This is another page from the same Level 3 scholarship NCEA workbook – it is an excellent example of how media trials and experimentation can be included within an A Level Art Sketchbook.

String paintings by Sophie Munn: exploration of the linear: a beautiful interwoven tangling of line.

Beyond the Brush: Inventive Use of Media for Painting Students

maryzeran: “ (via sophie munns studio archive: Lines - Part II: conversations in paint…) ”

Waterwood - Handstitched Journal from the Salish Sea by odelae (etsy)

Waterwood - Handstitched Journal from the Salish Sea by odelae (etsy) Fellow Dalgliesh (Fellow Fellow) Waguespack

Make The Best of Things: Crackle finish with Elmer's Glue

Awesome crackle paint made with Elmer's School glue! Next up on craft to-do list, crackle paint birdhouse! rhorning This is the method I use, white school glue and acrylic paint.

lois albinson

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