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HE GOT THE GIRL!! That smile. And with that, I die. Damon Salvatore. Season 4 Episode 23. The Vampire Diaries <3

i got the girl -damon

tvd, elena gilbert, and damon salvatore image

Damon: "How about violence?" Elena: "No I didn't threaten him." Damon: "At least tell me you used torture!" Damon: "You do realize that you're dating a reformed serial-killer, right?

This is when jump up and down and scream YES ;-)

The Vampire Diaries Elena & Damon

Liked her before, love her now!

The Vampire Diaries LoL Rebekah thanks

This kills me cause I just picture nina and ian going over to the side and him comforting her.

The Vampire Diaries behind the scenes Nina Dobrev(Elena/Katherine/Amara etc.

Delena/ Nian I'm now team Damon........

Delena/ Nian I'm still team Stefan.

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The Vampire Diaries Stelena/Delena

My favorite quote from the vampire diaries

I know it's a Stelena quote but I like to think that if Elena remembered meeting Damon first she would have said that ~

#TheOriginals 4x03 "Haunter of Ruins" - Hayley and Elijah❤ This just shoes how much they are perfect for each other❤❤

The Originals "Haunter of Ruins" - Hayley and Elijah

#TheOriginals 311 Always & Forever

The Originals Hope,Hayley,Elijah & Klaus.