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Help your preschool children put together silly faces in an All About Me themed unit! Click over to learn about this activity and other All About Me Preschool Unit ideas!

Silly Faces- All About Me Activity

This Silly Faces activity is perfect for an All About Me Preschool Unit! Not only does this activity encourage naming facial features, it also helps children with spatial awareness. Understanding that the nose belongs below the eyes and the mouth below the nose. It also

Early Years Clay Portraits (",)

Early years clay at Washwood Heath Nursery School

The current theme across the board is 'How we express ourselves.' This week we all made portraits in clay. Just love the detail & consideration one of the young lads put into this composition of his whole family.

My fingerprints are unique, like Me!

All About Me Unit Ideas

Here are some the All About Me Unit Projects we have completed thus far: All About Me Glyph All About Me Puppet Theater with various feeling faces and ways we get to and from felt pieces. What co…

All About Me Activities, Graphs, and More for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

All About Me Activities, Graphs, and More for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

All About Me is loaded with fun, back to school activities to help your students get to know each other and their teachers during those first few weeks of school! It includes get to know you graphs, class books, posters, and mini books. These exciting activities will help you build a caring classr...

All About Me Projects to do with family, also incorporates environmental prints; display in classroom, hallways, etc.

All About Us!

This year I wanted to "freshen up" our All About Me projects. This is also the first year that I will be blogging with my class from the BEGINNING of the year. (Last year, we didn't get started until about March.) I went to EdCampSC in the beginning of September and heard about an app called PixNTell that allows you to take pictures and record voice over them. I immediately thought of our All About Me projects and our class blog. BINGO! During the All About Me projects students are given a…

all about me montage - so cute

All about me montages

Children make themselves with pieces of fabric and lots of other stuff

Create a face dough

Me! Me! Me! - Stimulating Learning

Activities in the Early Years classroom linked with faces & "All about Me"...

Fantastic friendship activity with color mixing! So cute!

Friendship Color Mixing

Creating A Classroom Community Through Art Part 1 Red, yellow, and blue are great alone, but when you mix them you create something beautiful. This is how lasting friendships are formed. Two individuals coming together to create something beautiful - FRIENDSHIP. The children pick a friend to work with and were given a large sheet of paper to decorate. We used tempera paint (red, yellow, blue), flannel sheets, and plastic plates. We diluted the paint with water to make it easier for it to…

All about me

Clay Photo Frames

These clay photo frames make a great gift for Grandparent's Day but you could make them for any occasion, or even use them to decorate your locker or desk at school! We have added magnets to ours but you could add a stand and use them for table-top display instead.

Exploring the Sense of Smell with a Game ~ Learn Play Imagine

Exploring the Sense of Smell with a Game

The Sense of Smell We are right in the middle of an All About Me unit, and we are having a blast exploring the five senses. Today ...