Zoella | Fell In Love With Edinburgh

Fell In Love With Edinburgh

(Just pretend Alfie is wearing black) Alfie) yes! I did it!*smiles*  Dakota) weeee! *laughs*

- ̗̀ make art, be art ̖́-↞∙∙∙∙ Alfie & Zoe ❤️


Actually the cutest

happily // ✧

This picture is so funny 😂💕👌🏻

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Omg Zoë definitely wanted to kiss him, but he pulled back because of the camera…

Zalfie // Zoella & PointlessBlog

I want a relationship like theirs 🙏🏼

Zalfie; one of the best ship couples of YouTube

Pssst : she is secretly kissing his chin xx


The zalfie kiss that sent the Internet flying

Zalfie ❤️

Zalfie ❤️

#Zalfie did someone say what's the definition of absolutely cute adorable couplelyness perfection ever?!?!

At the zoella beauty launch