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a woman with long hair standing in the rain
50 Raw And Funny Pics From People Who Were Just Trying To Get Through A Summer Heatwave (New Pics)
an image of a man and woman talking to each other
two pictures with the same caption that says, the way that this film radiates comfort
the princess and the frog are talking to each other in front of an image that says,
Love the 'sweet babies'
an image of the princess from tangled with her hair and dress, looking like she's reading a book
there are four different images of a man in a vest and tie with the caption, then you'd be the first
a woman hugging another woman with the caption i love the way everyone hugs her
Tangled Confessions
an animated character with a caption that reads, watching engine fall in love with rappet never falls to make me the way he looks at her
Tangled Confessions
rappui quote from the princess and the frog
Tangled Confessions
a couple kissing each other in front of a group of people with the words love doesn't have to be noble, or anything
Tangled Confessions
“Tangled taught me that my fairy tale true love doesn’t have to be noble, royal or anything like that. If I love him, he’s my prince, just like Eugene is for Rapunzel.”