Home Projects: Under-Eave Storage Space

Home Projects: Under-Eave Storage Space

A dreamy white hammock YES!

Discover sleeping alternatives with these 14 creative bed ideas. Explore your options with swing beds, hammocks, sofa beds, and even bean bags! Check out more at Chic Misfits.

White attic mezzanine bedroom, Ikea arm chairs, on From Scandinavia With Love blog.

All about attics - from design to renovation. It sarted as a documentation of me remodeling our home's attic. Later it evolved to all that has to do with attic remodeling and decorating.

Velux Dormer for Light & Space

By converting the original W shaped truss roof of this modern detached house to A shaped trusses opened up the interior and added height. This allowed two fabulous dormer loft bedrooms and a shower room to be created.

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