When I have a balcony, I'm going to get an IKEA SOCKER Greenhouse for my herbs!

Ikea mini greenhouse dressed for winter with led lights, berries and potted Pernettya. From Blomsterverkstad: Country Living Outdoors.

Terrarium in serra Ikea Socker con Tillandsia Terrarium insidie Ikea Socker Greenhouse With Tillandsia

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IKEA SOCKER watering can

SOCKER Watering can In/outdoor/galvanised 2.6 l

IKEA - SOCKER, Watering can, The watering can is made of galvanised steel, which provides good protection against rust.You can store water or a nutrient mixture in the can, so everything is ready when you water your plants.


SOCKER Watering can In/outdoor/galvanised 2.6 l

You purchase furnitures cheap and then the work start.to build it yourself with help of a manual.