No chance I would do but SO cool for textures & colour..Machine embroidery - Isabel Moore - Thread Noodle. Spiral waves

Isobel Moore textile artist- contemporary quilted and embroidered tapestry work Blue Fossil- Amazing work

African Turbo Shell

African Turbo Shell - ©Dirk Wiersma / Science Photo Library (via FineArtAmerica) Really nice, bulbous shapes and highlights on this shell.

This picture is familiar to the pieces of work that Andy Goldsworthy does since he tries to only use things we get from nature in his work. I like the way the light is shining behind the leaves because the detail of the veins can be seen. The colours of the leaves are fairly bright, reminding me of the different colours in autumn. The gaps in the leaves create a nice pattern and the sky you can see through them contrast with the darker leaves, making the piece more intersting.

German-based artist Walter Mason creates intriguing, highly ephemeral work from ice, leaves and stones - whatever the natural world has to offer on a given day. Unlike most land artists, Mason’s art.

Architectural Spirals All these beautiful photographs were taken by other Flickr members. List of named artists at linked page

*architecture, interiors* Stunning architecture building Architectural Spirals All these beautiful photographs were taken by .

shells illustrated

International GCSE Art Sketchbook Examples

Observational study for an International GCSE Art project - A comprehensive sketchbook page based on the natural forms of shells. In addition to trialling a range of media

Fractal patterns in nature.

Patterns in nature – spiral cactus plant with beautiful green hues (www.

Damien Hirst, Confession, 2008 £600,000–800,000

WHO: This art peiece was made by Damien Hirst. WHAT: 'Confession', it was made in 2008 and is worth WHY: I like this as its symmetrical, the colour blue go well with it and it's got one big butterfly in the middle.