Shirish Sadalgekar

Shirish Sadalgekar

Shirish Sadalgekar
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I love the beat of this song. and I really enjoy the routine. I think I'm going to have to start this one =]

Drop It Low  By Sensazao Crew - one of my fave zumba routines

Drop It Low By Sensazao Crew - Sensazao Dance Fitness Like I said early. Some places call there choreography Dance Fitness but it doesn't venture far from Zumba as you will see in this very well done video.

Zumba video- Right Round by Flo Rida.  I don't usually like zumba because I just stand there looking like an idiot trying to figure it out.....but if I practice the choreography then I think it would be a dance party :)

Cardio Dance- Right Round transformational-health-fitness-videos ab-workout workout-motivation diet

ZUMBA Look At Me Now Chris Brown

'Look at me now' Chris Brown DANCE PARTY HUSTLE - easy dance moves with slower parts for rest. Makes for a fun workout : )

LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! THRIFTSHOP by Macklemore - Choreography by Lauren Fitz for Dance Fitness

MACKLEMORE - "Thrift Shop" - zumba super funny watching the people with no moves try to get low or pop it! not really zumba more like hip hop but sure