I don't know who made this but I love it, the light (sun) and how light (almost fragile), it appears. S

Feels like a mysterious veil that you would pass through to a fantasy forest on the other side. Or the coolest window covering ever!

Skeletal Dress - intricate knitwear design with a disheveled aesthetic; distressed textiles for fashion // Valeriya Olkhova

The Valeriya Olkhova 'Organic Fetish' womenswear line embraces a disheveled design aesthetic. Resembling skeletal forms, the collection's garments feature a knit materiality with intricately ribbed accent elements.

Ann Goddard - creating shapes with paper

Lovely vintage look & feel - Ann Goddard "Ecotype" paper wall sculpture

I think this black jacket is amazing more like a piece of art x

Elvira ‘t Hart Illustrative Wear

So amazing. This is a lasercut drawn jacket created by Elvira T Hart. She sketches her garments and the creates the exact sketch of the garment using laser cutting techniques. -> Would be afraid to wear it!

Floral Tyvek Dress by fashion student Niamh

Hi all, So, I managed to get some pictures of the tyvek floral sculpture that I made for my art coursework project.

Daphne Guiness in Iris Van Harpen

Geoffrey Lillemon’s Sonomorphic Mirror

Kathyanne White: Building Encaustic Texture, Lutradur

My Forest Book Series is all about building the textures of the forests. Actually all my work wraps around developing textures in every way.

Amanda - Photo by Ivano Vitali - Florence

Amanda - Photo by Ivano Vitali - Florence. Crochet with newspaper yarn !

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