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Amazing Conceptual Photography Inspirations
Simple yet brutal social criticism of our secluding aesthetic values that leave outside 4.5 billion women in the world
by Camilio Matiz, Colombia, 2015 (LP)
I love how they have taken an manikin and have began to pour the face on its such an interesting use of photo manipulation.
IMPRESSION Series showcasing what women go through to attract, shows the actual imprints left on their skin from the binding apparel they wear | © Justin Bartels
Justin Bartels - Impression (2012) Sometimes it’s just about the natural beauty in the human form. The constricting marks of society still evident on our naked selves.
Fantastic photography by Justin Alexander Bartels explores the phenomenon of what women will do to their bodies for the sake of beauty. Follow the link on this site and check out the collection
This "Plastic bodies" series focuses on how commercialism distorts people's perception of the way they look. The artist Sheila Pree Bright says "As a result (of our image focused society), the female body becomes a replica of a doll, and the essence of natural beauty in popular American culture is replaced by fantasy. This body of work addresses the loss of personal identity many women experience, specifically women of color."
There are so many young girls influenced by the media and society, and in this day and age, the media and society portray everyone who isn’t under 100 pounds to be fat. Since when do you need layers of makeup covering every single flaw to be beautiful? Since when are curves fat? Since when are freckles considered ugly?...You don’t need a bunch of makeup, or diet pills, or plastic surgery, or a diet, just be yourself... because everyone is beautiful... You are enough. Photoshopped