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You know it Tyler!

even the guys are fangirls xD<<< well thats Tyler Oakley so. << Tyler Oakley is our queen!

Relatable Post

So true. All of my major life decisions are made in the shower.

Check out these beauty memes and you'll understand. And if you don't, you probably don't wear makeup.


Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Falling In Reverse, Black Veil Brides ,all time low

My life right now..

My parents have told me to be more like normal teenagers and try the above stuff.

I don't ship them with each other, I ship them with me! And Rydellington. Oh and I demonstrated fangirling in school today when people asked what it was, they thought I was going crazy. Oh and I love when you are in Social Studies or Science or something and they say "Rocky" I whisper to my friend righ away say, "OMG! The teacher said Rocky!"

Fangirl problems and fangirl habits. You can't escape once you've started fangirling

Ha ha yasss! Once I got on the bus to go to school (ugh) and I always sit with my one friend Brent. He didn't go to school that day *cough* school skipper *cough* so I sat alone then the hot guy that all the girls LUV got on girls r saying, "Sit with me!" I just stayed quiet because I knew he wanted want to sit with me anyways. But then he did sit with me and this was my face!!! I was so happy! We talked and laughed (girls glared at me) then he asked me out! And i'm going on a date with him…

When my crush sits beside me I be like hey But my friends act like this Lol


Funny pictures about I want that password. Oh, and cool pics about I want that password. Also, I want that password.