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christmas greeting cards and santa hats on display
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broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes are arranged in the shape of a christmas tree
How to make Christmas lunch healthier
How to make Christmas lunch healthier.
some horses are walking on the side of a mountain with snow capped mountains in the background
Television: reviews, guides and more
TV guide for Christmas.
a woman holding a baby in front of a christmas tree
Emma Soames: Granny's first Christmas
Granny's first Christmas!
an old black and white photo of a man holding two children in front of him
10 great Christmas films
10 great Christmas films.
a group of people sitting around a table with plates of food in front of them
Family at Christmas - Saying 'No' to All Pressures
Saying 'no' to family pressures at Christmas.
a man standing in front of a church with his arms crossed
Saga Magazine | Entertainment | Saga
Reverend Richard Coles: Heavenly peace.
the front door of a house with a wreath on it
Last-minute cleaning tips for Christmas: quick fixes
Last-minute cleaning tips for Christmas.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a christmas tree in front of a stone fireplace
Festive holiday cottages to unwind in this Christmas
Most festive holiday cottages.
presents wrapped in red and green paper with bows on them sitting next to pine cones
Getting refunds on unwanted Christmas gifts
Getting refunds on unwanted Christmas gifts.
a dragon statue sitting next to a fire in front of a building with christmas decorations
10 weird and wonderful Christmas traditions from around the world
10 weird and wonderful Christmas traditions from around the world.
a snowman wearing sunglasses and a santa hat on the beach
Five reasons to spend Christmas abroad
5 reasons to spend Christmas abroad.
several people toasting wine glasses at a dinner table
Don't be lonely at Christmas
Don't be lonely at Christmas.
an orange cake with powdered sugar on top next to bowl of tangerines
Clementine cake
Diana Henry's clementine cake can make a fabulous alternative to Christmas cake.
two champagne flutes are sitting in front of a christmas tree with the words celebrate the spirit of christmas
Christmas party drink ideas
Christmas party drink ideas.