the Tea Maker™

Breville Tea Maker- fully automated for all types of tea. Sets water temperatures & steep-times depending on whether the tea is white, green, black, herbal. On my wish list.

the Smart Toast™ 4 Slice Long

Breville Die-Cast Long Slot Smart Toaster, How do you toast any type of bread and get it just the way you like it? The Breville Die-cast Smart Toaster has one touch 'Lift and Look' toasting carriage which automatically moves up and do.

the Smart Grinder™

Sage by Heston Smart Coffee Grinder Pro grinds coffee beans to your specification. Choice of 60 grind settings.

the Oracle™

The Oracle™ creates café quality coffee that tastes like you’d get in your favorite café. The Oracle™ has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing, automating the two most difficult parts of manual espresso. You can extract espresso and

Heston explains the science behind the Tea Maker™

Bringing Michelin-starred perfection to your cuppa! Heston Blumenthals tea-making machine goes on sale

the Smart Kettle™

Variable Temperature Kettle - Five settings brew at the exact temperatures for green, white, oolong and black teas.

the Smart Toast™ 2 Slice

NEW Breville Smart Toast 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Extra Wide Slots

the Smart Toast™ 2 Slice - Black

the Smart Toast™ 2 Slice - Black