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Once Lent finishes, it's time to start planning a food-filled Easter weekend. Gather your guests for plenty of feasting, laid-back lunches and a chocolate…
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a chocolate cake with easter candies on top and the word gluten - free easter cake below
Gluten-free Easter cake recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
Nothing beats a big ol’ slice of pure chocolate indulgence! This super-moist chocolate sponge cake is adorned with a decadent, fluffy chocolate buttercream and finished with chocolate fingers and a pile of colourful mini eggs. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
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a blue plate topped with meat and veggies
Rosemary roast lamb with Provençal panzanella
Lamb breast is a lovely, juicy cut – packed full of flavour and a great weekend option. It’s also half the price of a boneless lamb shoulder. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe.
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a roasting pan filled with chicken, broccoli, and other veggies
Spring chicken roast dinner recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
Reinvent the Sunday roast with this lighter take featuring seasonal veg cooked around the bird, and a zesty soured cream sauce. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
1h 55m
two martinis sitting on top of a wooden table
Darjeeling gin fizz recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
This spring-fresh gin cocktail uses the King’s favourite variety of tea, Darjeeling. Ideal for sumer parties or afternoon tea. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
a pan filled with roasted potatoes and broccoli on top of a blue towel
Smashed Jersey Royals with hot honey and lime recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
Make good use of in-season Jersey Royals with this flavour-packed side dish. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
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an eggy bread and cheese dish on a white plate with silverware next to it
Hot cross bun eggy bread recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
When you’ve got hot cross buns that have gone too stale to be revived by toasting, use them to make eggy bread instead. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
an orange and chocolate trifle in a glass dish
Chocolate-orange hot cross bun trifle recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
Chocolate and orange work surprisingly well with the gentle spicing of hot cross buns, in this Easter twist on a classic trifle that’s perfect for a family gathering. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
hot cross buns on a cutting board next to eggs
Tear-and-share ultimate hot cross buns recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
These tear-and-share hot cross buns are an easy prep-ahead recipe, ready to bake for the best family Easter breakfast. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
1h 15m
a bundt cake with white icing being drizzled over it on a blue plate
Hot cross bun ice cream bombe recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
This stunning ice cream bombe cake is perfect for Easter. It uses shop-bought hot cross buns, with nuggets of toasted hot cross bun in the ice cream and a white chocolate sauce. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
6h 45m
two bowls filled with food sitting on top of a blue table next to each other
Crema Catalana with roasted rhubarb and thyme recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
The tangy twist of the rhubarb and aromatic thyme lifting the creaminess of the custard in this dessert. Our crema Catalana is the perfect end to a family meal or dinner party. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
a plate with broccoli, pine nuts and other vegetables on it next to a spoon
'Catalan' purple sprouting broccoli recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
This is a twist on the classic side dish Catalan spinach, using purple sprouting broccoli instead. Served with fragrant toasted pine nuts, sweet sultanas and a garlicky extra-virgin olive oil, this dish is bright, colourful and tasty. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
a plate with meat, beans and carrots on it next to a bowl of grilled vegetables
Spanish braised shoulder of lamb recipe | Sainsbury`s Magazine
This slow-cooked shoulder of lamb is deliciously tender. Served on a bed of chickpeas, it's a wonderful Spanish-inspired dish to enjoy at Easter. Get the Sainsbury's magazine recipe
4h 35m
Easter cocktail recipe: Cotton-tail martini
Easter simnel blondies recipe
Easter egg cheesecakes recipe🐥
25min · 12 servings Easy Easter dessert idea: hollow chocolate eggs filled with a biscuit base and tangy cheesecake mix, topped with your favourite Easter chocolate! Ingredients: • 1 x 150g hollow Easter egg • 2 x 100g hollow Easter eggs • 150g digestive biscuits • 60g butter, melted • 600g full-fat soft cheese • 200ml double cream • 75ml soured cream • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste or extract • 75g icing sugar, sifted To decorate • Mini Easter eggs • Chocolate bunnies • Dulce de leche