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When Jared jumped I thought that was it. That was the end. Now I stand here, shocked and frightened. I look behind me. There Ben is still fighting off the Creatures. "Go!" He yells as he punches someone. I don't want to jump but when Ben looks at me with those green eyes, I know I don't have a choice. "I love you." Then I jump.~An Idea R

This is an exercise for writers block that I love doing: Take this picture and write a metaphor, a poem, sentence, paragraph or story about it. -- Great idea and great picture!

Photography style idea - maybe we get someone doing a dope freeze or jump in the air w colored powder.

Skateboarding is very much a sport but is equally a form of Artistic Expression. I came across a skate video where they were street skating but edited it so the tricks were in slow motion and it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

"You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need." --Vernon Howard

Photo and caption by Juliann Veeger - A young boy playing outside of a school in Nanyuki, Kenya. His happiness was simply contagious. Bingwa Primary School in Nanyuki, Kenya.

Light drawing with slow shutter speed

Using light painting for a time laps photo. This person might have edited this photo to intensify the light. However, adjusting the ISO and Shutter Speed could be sufficient.