The Streets of Old London

Woman selling fish from a barrel, London, c. 1910 - If you ever wonder where I get my strong, beer-barrel physique.

Victorian London

The exotic down and outs of Victorian London

London Gypsies photographed by John Thomson in 1877 as part of a series entitled 'Street Life in London.' This photograph shows a friendly group gathered around a caravan.

London Street Life, late 1800s. Click to see the rest. Lots of interesting "day in the life..." shots.

Photographer: John Thomson Street Floods In Lambeth [Street Life in London] 1877 Woodburytype

London During The Blitz - East Enders made homeless. Photo Fred Ramage. @designerwallace

London During The Blitz: East Londoners are made homeless during German air raids on London. (Photo by Fred Ramage/Keystone/Getty Images).

The Saffron Hill Rookery where Dickens placed Fagins Den in the masterpiece that is Oliver Twist / London

Joe Flanagan on

The Saffron Hill Rookery where Dickens placed Fagin's Den Oliver Twist / London

East End c.1912

Spitalfields nippers: rare photographs of London street kids in 1901 – in pictures

U.K. The streets of a ruined London after The Blitz, 1940.

This image shows the streets of London after The Blitz took place in This invasion was a combination of great speed and power, and caused a mass amount of destruction and panic.

Wych St, Spitalfeilds, approx. 1880s. Something so familiar for me about archaic old London. I'm convinced I had past lives in the East End.

A & J Bool, Old Houses in Wych Street formerly a continuation of Drury Lane, London, UK

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