Notting Hill asked Hackett Holland (a member of the Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory) to extend and transform their “dark and pokey” kitchen

Rehab Diaries: A Notting Hill Kitchen Extension, Natural Light Included

-GREAT SLIDING GLASS DOOR INTO A LOUNGEROOM??? . I WANT THESE A MUST HAVE ????? something #room designs #home decorating before and after #home design|

PIN NINE: SLIDING GLASS DOOR INTO A LOUNGEROOM. In this image it works as a diver to two wrongs, which creates privacy between the different areas of the house. The large glass paneling also make the two areas as a whole feel larger.

(photo by heidi lerkenfeldt)

10 Beautiful Rooms

Source: Heidi Lerkenfeldt I’ve been thinking a lot about my kitchen recently. It’s such a vital part of the house in terms of layout and aesthetically that I really want to get it right. Even a glass wall is a decor idea.

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