Italian broccoli & salmon bake

This creamy Italian Broccoli & Salmon Bake combines the perfect I used tinned salmon, and sun dried tomato pesto instead of sun dried tomatoes, and also added peas (no capers) - delicious!

Potted salmon rillette

Pride - serve in beauty cream pots. This delicious starter is similar to a pâté, made with smoked salmon, cream cheese and horseradish for a kick - serve on crackers or toast

Dean's minty lamb burgers

Dean's minty lamb burgers

In need of some inspiration for dinner this weekend? Then why not try Dean Edwards' delicious Minty Lamb Burgers?

Meatballs, crushed potatoes

Meatballs, crushed potatoes & onion gravy

Dean Edwards serves up a speedy supper using just five main ingredients!

Roast turkey curry

Quickly transform cooked turkey into something spicy and special with this recipe from Manju Mahli. Hungry for more ideas? Find our favourite curry recipes

Buckwheat pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes recipe

Sarah Raven's blini recipe, perfect for warming your guests at winter parties. Buckwheat flour mixed with the plain sharpens the flavour.