I had a hankering to make something with socks. I didn't want to make a monkey, that's so last season! An owl seemed simpler and more seasonal. A night creature would suit these gloomy dark days perfectly, but if Cooper was going to make one, it had to be no sew. Hmmmmm how to make it no sew? Glue was my first thought, but pritt stick isn't what is used to be, they've made it so safe, it barely sticks anything together and craft glue can be messy. It had to be double-sided tap...

So, if you have some random socks lying around… you can make these no-sew owls The can be cute for a child’s room or as decoration for easter or spring. Have fun with them! Get the full instructions here => Easy No-Sew Sock Owls Happy No-Sewing!