Really like this cover design. Such a good book! Adam Busby design for the cover of The Hobbit.

Haven't read the hobbit but love the use of maps in books, and this would make an amazing print! - The Hobbit by J.R Tolkien — Design by Adam Busby

Books - Alice Bowsher

I like this book cover because of the playful font. I also think that it has a strong type hierarchy using on the text size and placement on the page alone.

El Lissitzky – Cover for the book ‘The ‘isms’ of art’. (1925) el lissitzky, hans arp: die kunstismen eugen rentsch, erlenbach zürich/münchen/leipzig (reprint: lars müller, baden), 1925 size: 26 x 20 cm designer: el lissitzky

El Lissitzky and Hans Arp, Die Kunstismen. Les Ismes de l’art. The Isms of Art. Published by Staehle & Friedel, Stuttgart, for Eugen Rentsch, via


Bruno Munari, Design as Art 1966 --- This cover depicts icons which grab your attention and give you an idea about what the book might be about. The font is nice and bold so it is easily visible at a small scale.

What the Cover?

Max Collier - The Payoff Midwood Books Published 1963 Cover Artist: Paul Rader

a child's book of the teeth

A Child's Book of the Teeth, Harrison Wader Ferguson, D., Illustrated by the Author (World Book Company, originally published this edition

Rare 60s children books: Topsy and Tim - Go On Holiday.....Topsy and Tim are making a come-back! On CBeebies!! First published in 1959!

Rare children books: Topsy and Tim - Go On Holiday.Topsy and Tim are making a come-back! On CBeebies! First published in