Easter egg hunt alternative - we'll be doing this one, outside for more fun!

Glow in the dark egg hunt. Could spray paint the eggs with glow in the dark paint instead of using glow sticks. Also, doesn't have to be for Easter. Could be a fun night time scavenger hunt or other fun summer game.

Easter Egg Balloons - love these, definitely one for woodland Easter egg hunts next year :)

Easter Egg ballons - wish I had seem these a few weeks ago…oh well, maybe for next year’s window.

Unusual Easter bonnet. Just made two. Didn't take long and looks SO effective. Highly recommended. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!

Springtime Easter Bonnet

Looking for quick and easy Easter bonnet ideas that don’t cost a fortune to make? Try these simple Easter bonnets for girls and boys.

How to Make a Spring Easter Bonnet, Hat, or Flower Crown with Your Kids « Costumes & Dressing Up Crafts « Kids Crafts & Activities

Easter/Spring bonnet 5 step How to Make a Spring Easter Bonnet, Hat, or Flower Crown with Your Kids

Mix and Match Plastic Easter Egg Hunt-- instead of just going at it, kids get cards that they have to find a matching egg for. It'd be an easy way to make sure all the kids get the same amount of eggs.

Easter Egg Color Matching Game

Easter egg hunt

Easter Egg Basket Cake ~ Kit Kat basket topped with mini eggs. Bunny bum is fondant for photo only, cute idea! --- Will take a ton of mini eggs fyi. I made this last year with m&ms, AWSOME cake!