Tracy Emin. I loved this chair and concept when I saw it. Great idea and lovely object steeped in memory, future and travel!

Tracey Emin's iconic art

Tracy Emin's There's A Lot Of Money In Chairs, 1994 - would be great in studio!

Tracey Emin

“Artist Tracey Emin OBE & Royal Society f Arts member (Surrey Young British Artists group Photography working”

'when I hold you I hold your heart', 2012 by tracey emin.

valentine's day: tracey emin's heart neon sculptures at new york's times square

Tracey Emin.

withoutyourwalls: “ Tracey Emin, Exorcism of the Last Painting I Ever Made, 1996 ”

I don't believe in love but I believe in you, 2012, by Tracey Emin

From artist Tracey Emin, "I don't believe in but I believe in you.

"You said I was beautiful." - Tracy Emin.

vivaclub: “ glowist: “ miwohae: “ “ Tracey Emin: You Said I Was Beautiful ” i think this is really cool because everyone can interpret it differently me being the sour soul i am sees it as a.

Tracey Emin - Everyone Else

Sitting With You, by Tracey Emin. This beautiful, airy, and rather minimal self-portrait by Tracey Emin is a lovely and intimate rendering.