I was a Brownie and a Girl Guide.

Brownie Guide Handbook - Late early Many good memories of being in the brownies. I was a Sprite!

The Best TV Shows From the 70's and 80's

Welcome to "Faaaantasy Island" Boss, zee plane, zee plane

"Batman"  tv show

"Batman and Robin - I remember this show ! It was so corny but, it was fun to watch with its POW! And the Joker, the Penguin and other comic villains. Batman and Robin always won!

Remembering The Waltons TV show

''The Waltons'' Ellen Corby as Esther ''Grandma'' Walton Richard Thomas as John-Boy Walton. Photo: What is going on in this scene?


Kerplunk was such a fun game! I remember every day in St Ignatius we would fight over who would get to play it during break time! aaahhh the memories - Toys

Twinkle - Loved this as a child!

Twinkle - My mum had this book, then it was handed to me and it's lost! Would love to be able to replace - any ideas welcomed!

playschool tv programme

Playschool TV programme: Big Ted, Humpty, Jemima, Hamble and Little Ted.