Sofee Althorpe
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This easy shawl is all one stitch, so it's easy to knit while watching a movie or your favorite show! Make it with Lion Brand Homespun!

A simple shawl that is all knit stitch. It is perfect for knitting while watching TV and& reading and catching up on the posts in you favorite Ravelry forum group.

Awesome! You just enter what ingredients you have, and it tells you what meals you can make, and how to make them. #food #recipes #lifehacks

Oh wow, this exists! Love it- great for pantry diving! [cooking ingredients meals what's for dinner what to make recipes]

The Wine Rack. Super classy for the bachelorette! A bra that hides your wine so you can discretely have a drink on the move.

Matt better not make me get this.The WineRack is a sports bra that lets you sport up to of your favorite beverage. Wear it to the movies, concerts, ball games - anywhere you can imagine.

This is awesome.

This wine purse is perfect gift for the wine lover! It's a very cool idea to easily store bags of wine without the hassle of a box. Looks very much like a small purse and fits wine bag easily and… I NEED THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY KAYLA PURDY!

Now that is awesome

A technicolor fan will brighten up any room and is so easy to do. Simply paint a bright rainbow color on each fan blade and an ordinary fan comes to life! Ideas: Instead of rainbow, use colors to m…