A simple invitation to build big and create with wood. Balance beams, boats - you name it. Great for heavy work and gross motor development, plus just plain old outdoor fun!

An Invitation to Build Big

Looks like someone else has also had the idea to create "Lincoln planks" for the kids to build with. A permanent installation like this could also work well in the right setting, doubling as outdoor seating as well as a balance course

We used to do this in the backyard when I was a little girl. We camped outside. Loved it with my three older brothers!

Clothesline tent combo // String a rope in your backyard. let the kids bring out a bedsheet & drape it over. weigh it down on the edges. Sprawl out a blanket. let them have their very own pincic & day play camp out!

Color Mixing in the rain- powder paint in icing decoration bottles-Twitter@Sarah_L_Vickery

Montgomery Primary on

Color Mixing in the rain- powder paint in icing decoration bottles spread around with brooms

CAMBRIDGE MATHS GCSE / A LEVEL online course - NOT TOO LATE - start now - GO!


EYFS shape description game - The children take turns at describing a shape to their friend, who then has to attempt to name the shape and travel along the obstacle course to fetch it. Physical Dev nursery year olds

Diwali Crafts for Kids- Kid World Citizen website has great ideas for all different kinds of activities

Kids' Rangoli Art from india

Rangoli: Floor Folk Art from India Would love to do this as a group activity using shapes and colors lessons

A dry car wash (",)

We made a car wash today in preschool. This project is something that I intended to do last week during Transportation week, but I.

000Riding bike through paint Why not try this creative activity. Children will thoroughly enjoy riding their bike through the different coloured paint,creating patterns as they go. Follow our hashtag #AfternoonActivityTime to follow all the exciting activities that are being shared on our Facebook page every day at 11.30 000 You May Also Like From Early …

This lovely colour mixing activity supports children's physical development and encourages investigation and colour recognition.

collaborative mural - Google Search

outside messy art just get a really old bed sheet even with stain thinking about getting rid of well hang it out side on a clothes line use cloth pins to hold the sheet and get your kids to be creative this also enhances creativity and get involve with th