Basil Brush!  Top entertainment........... Boom,Boom ....

The first book I ever borrowed from the library, aged was Basil Brush goes Boating. My lovely wee brother bought me a toy Basil Brush for my tenth birthday.

half penny coin  - I miss these!!! withdrawn from circulation in December 1984.

PICS: 30 Great Things About Growing Up In 1970s Britain

McVities - Penguin chocolate  biscuits!  YUM!                                                                                                                                                           UK - McVities - Pengin chocolate biscuit foil ...    ..

McVities - Penguin chocolate biscuit alway had one with my morning cuppa at work. Loved those Penguins.

grange hill- used to stress me out watching it cus they were such bad kids.

I was not allowed to watch this, the characters were 'naughty and rude to teachers' lol

Hair clasps

Tanny, they're called barrettes, not hairslides. altho my hair was so thin they would slide out of my hair if I didn't get enuf hair snapped into them to start with.

For "frosted" "streaked" and "mink tipped" hair tinting and bleaching using a crochet hook type metal tool to yank the hair through the rubber skull cap.