Vintage ad for chenille bedspreads. Wish chenille bedspreads were easy to find these days!

I spent hours looking through my Mum's Kays catalougue!

I spent hours looking through the Kays catalogue, choosing toys to put on my Christmas list!

Basil Brush!  Top entertainment........... Boom,Boom ....

The first book I ever borrowed from the library, aged was Basil Brush goes Boating. My lovely wee brother bought me a toy Basil Brush for my tenth birthday.

half penny coin  - I miss these!!! withdrawn from circulation in December 1984.

PICS: 30 Great Things About Growing Up In 1970s Britain

half pence coins because everyone knew that the more coins you had, the more money you had.

McVities - Penguin chocolate  biscuits!  YUM!                                                                                                                                                           UK - McVities - Pengin chocolate biscuit foil ...    ..

Chocolate-enrolled biscuits sandwiching yet another layer of chocolatey-mousse-like filling. I love the stupid penguin riddles on the wrappers too.