Made my own blending line for my reception class today... They were very intrigued and hopefully it will encourage them to think about the sounds that make up words :)

Blending line - Teaching and practising blending for reading VC and CVC words and segmenting for spelling.

This website has really cool themes to carry throughout your classroom. I found the ocean one to be interesting because one the swimming pool in the picture. I feel like you could use this as a reward for students that had outstanding behavior where they could do either their reading or writing in the swimming pool.

Readinh nook, fill the pool with fun pillows! Pixie Chicks: Classroom Themes {Ocean} -- reading corner cute idea for a reading spot! they'd have fun with that!

Eyfs music area - handbells activity idea

Eyfs music area - handbells activity idea --- could do with tone bells or boomwhackers as well!

This is such a cool idea....thanks to Jo's Mojo Photo( for the pic!! BUT let's take it one step further to UniquleU style!! *Hint* I would suggest that you have the students take the pic on the 1st day of school. Everyone has on their "best" outfits and usually 1st day is a get to know you, kinda low key day. It will be a nice surprise when they see the pic on the last day of school because most of them will have forgotten they took it.......

Year-End Activity: Career Photo Collage

End of the year gift or yearbook idea -Class photo collage of their potential professions.


This is my interpretation of of how we incorporate British Values in our everyday practice and how this links to the EYFS. OFSTED do NOT .

New class - welcoming :-)

Beginning of the school year art project!- photo only- could be hung in the hallway or make it your classroom door decoration