Nursery rhyme singing basket for preschoolers

Nursery Rhyme Singing Basket: baby and toddler play

Make a nursery rhyme singing basket for babies, toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy singing their favourite songs with parents and care-givers! Fantastic for early language development and creativity for the very smallest children and a great activity for

Article about heuristic play with loads more ideas for baby treasure baskets

I like the way these treasure baskets are materials focused. Helps the child to compare and contrast objects Treasure Baskets - put little collections in baskets.

interesting items to add to basket - this was a gift basket idea, but it struck me as a great tactile experience.

Heuristic Play

Yesterday afternoon I had the great pleasure of selecting and preparing some new resources. After searching high and low in and around the town where my setting is situated, I returned with arms la…

The Gingerbread Man story basket from Rachel (",)

Story Baskets & Props

Ideas for story baskets or props for popular stories in the Early Years - from Rachel

Baby treasure basket with a colour theme

Colour Theme Baby Treasure Basket