Empire State Building - Manhattan, New York / Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika / United States of America / USA (How To Build A Shed On Concrete)

Keep the tree. De natuur respecteren en de gebouwen aanpassen aan de natuur en niet omgekeerd.

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MINI FOR-4 BLED EKO KONCEPT D.O.O. / 2015 - Camping Bled on the shore of Lake Bled wanted to enhance its offer with glamping suites. The authors were inspired by the typical gable roof and the local climatic conditions. Each low energy camping unit consists of two mirroring volumes with wooden construction, larch wood facade and dark Tegola shingles. With their low energy cooling and heating, the units offer accommodation all year round.

The four mini wooden objects are situated in the Slovenian Alpine region in the proximity of beautiful Lake Bled. The clients approached the company ekokoncept, which specializes in design and production of low-energy wooden prefabricated hous

8 Benefits Of Installing A Green Roof On Your Home

8 Benefits Of Installing A Green Roof On Your Home

Green roofs are installed on top of existing roof structures to provide home owners, community members, and wildlife with a wide range of…

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Tornhuset - World Maritime University in Malmö designed by Kim Utzon Architects and Terroir

danish photographer kim høltermand has captured the faceted façade of the extension of the maritime university in malmö designed by terroir and kim utzon arkitekter.

This would deffo fit in the surrounding pasture

The annual Irish Architecture Awards feature a public choice award. Vote for your favorite building this year.

black exterior of contemporary house with tan brick

I love the colors and materials. I've always liked grays and charcoals and I like the lighter colored stone and iron framed windows. Mesmerizing blend of traditional and modern in Nashville