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four different types of skis are lined up on a table top with the same color and pattern
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Book Art + Collage by Trish Leavitt, via Behance
an open book with cut out houses on it's pages, in front of a brick wall
Lucia Leyfield on Instagram: "Join me on Instagram LIVE this Thursday!! Making these little houses! Really fun, easy and SO relaxing! 8pm UK Time! What you need: 🎨Scraps of old paper 🎨A Glue Stick 🎨Scissors 🎨A Pencil 🎨A Sketchbook or paper/card 🎨cup of tea/wine/gin/crisps/cake/chocolate digestives etc. These tiny houses are made from bits of paper found on the floor of my studio. Yesterday, I was feeling creatively frazzled and find that the best solution for this is, always, a medicinal c
four pieces of paper with pictures on them
Hi! I had a Story Sale of my 28 collages I made during the Februllage last month. A few pieces have already found a new home but other… | Instagram
an open notebook with a drawing of a bird and a fish on it's cover
The Best Sketching App: MYVINCHY
Jolene 2013
two pieces of paper with different colored designs on them next to a brick wall and black and white checkered floor
Sam Haines (@samhainesart) • Instagram photos and videos
an open book with drawings of different butterflies on the pages and in each section there is a butterfly diagram
Pg 005-006b (after trek)
Butterfly identification | Kolby Kirk | Sketchbook
a hand holding an open book with fish on it
#painting #gouache #moleskine #fish #shad #herring #bitterling #illustration #sketchbook #acrylic @pilgrimknight
an open book with many different pictures on it
Tansy Hargan (@palimpsestparade) • Instagram photos and videos
an open book on the ground covered in paint
Andrea Soos (@andreasoosart) • Instagram photos and videos