The secret? Oudolf employs the strategy of a layered matrix planting.This is where a single species—or handful of species in this case—dominates the planting, forming a matrix into which other plants are blended.  The strength of this strategy is that the base material provides year-round interest and acts like a filler,while the perennials provide structure and seasonal accent.The grasses add the loose,natural look,while the perennials create the tension that gives the project its artistic…

Oudolf's planting strategy consists of a layered planting of a handful of species, providing year-round interest and seasonal accents. Grasses add the loose, natural look, while the flowering perennials give each project the artistic edge.

Soft-textured hay-scented ferns (Dennstaedtia punctilobula,

Soft-textured hay-scented ferns (Dennstaedtia punctilobula, USDA Hardiness Zones are the perfect foil for the spherical blooms of an allium (Allium sp., Zones After the blooms have faded.

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Achillea & Allium Collection - Red Highlights - White Flower Farm Quick Facts Common Name: Yarrow, Drumstick Allium Hardiness Zone: S / W Height: Deer Resistant: Yes Exposure: Full Sun Blooms In: June-Sept Ships as: Bareroot & Potgrown

Why manicured lawns should become a thing of the past

A new wave of plant designers envision a more practical landscape, but also one that’s looser and more thrilling.

Stunning White-topped Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia leucophylla) in their native habitat in the Conecuh National Forest, Covington County, Alabama, U. Photo by Brad Wilson.

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love the red against the blue Agave. Piet Oudolf like

love the red against the blue Agave. Piet Oudolf like