Hinged Glass Photo Frame with delicate Copper Frame. I like this because you can display both sides of a photo. Great for photos that have names written on the back, or postcards or treasured letters.

Photo Gallery - Stairs

Just really like the look and way its hung. Paris Photography - Print Set, Parisian Door Wall Art - The Paris Door Series - rustic home decor, etsy wall decor, Paris Prints

Mona Lisa. True version. based on Leonardo da Vinci  @Susan Caron Durrett  - worth clicking through to see the rest

The paintings 'made better with cats'

based on Leonardo da Vinci Susan Durrett - worth clicking through to see the rest

Beautiful inky blue walls in this living room with lots of picture frames on shelves. Luxurious leather sofa with soft furnishings. Rooms for you lifestyle wall. Living Room

A Revolution For The Home : Rooms Made for You

That wall colour! - Lifestyle Wall - a new plasterboard that is so strong you can hang shelves - even a TV - without drills, rawplugs or special fixings. Screw straight into plaster.

Photoframe hallway                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How to Make a Gallery Wall

Mark a horizontal line and hang picture frames or your childrens' art work on either side of the line.perfect for a back hallway

Christmas Present Ideas Holiday Gifts

The Best Holiday Gifts From A To Z

Stick a Lego board on the wall by the front door (or somewhere secret!), attach a Lego brick to your keys and you’ll never lose your keys again. If you don’t have the Lego bricks with the holes through the middle, you could always drill a hole in a few bricks for your keys

Never Lose Your Keys Again (Thanks To Lego)

If you love DIY projects and LEGOs then this is the perfect thing for you! Check out this DIY LEGO key hanger by Felix Grauer!

Meri Meri Flower Garland -product

Flower Garland Meri Meri Children- A large selection of Design on Smallable, the Family Concept Store - More than 600 brands.


Singita is a rich, patterned, forest design, featuring the foliage and plant motifs which decorate Ardmore’s hand-painted dishes and bowls. Wild animals can also be seen strolling through the thick undergrowth on this luxurious tapestry-like paper.