1970s roller skates .. we all had a pair of these in our road!

1970's Collectable / Antique Children's Roller Skates

childhood memories

I know this may sound weird, but I loved Tom more than Jerry. Jerry was very annoying and spiteful! I always hoped that Tom would catch Jerry and eat him! Or at least catch him once and for all!

Tiny Tears - I remember the excitement on Christmas morning when I unwrapped my tiny tears - she was my best friend for years

Taught me all I know about motherhood - stopped giving her a bottle so i didn't have to change the nappy. Then there was teeny tiny tears:)

The lovely "Cassette" Recorder, no '70's home was without one. If you had two you could record yourself singing along to Fame!

Remember these and recording songs from the radio by holding it against the boom box speakers? And always wishing the DJ would shut up and quit ruining the beginning of the song? I still have one of these tape recorder.

Smiths Salt 'n' Shake Crisps.

Smiths Salt 'n' Shake Crisps. Another snack that involved some work - kids these days are so lazy expecting their snacks to be pre-salted ;

Space hopper - more childhood memories I can share with them  #Motherhoodmeans

Spacehopper (Spacehopper) by Mettoy Playcraft Ltd, (made). Spacehopper, orange vinyl ball with handles, made in Great Britain between 1970 and Museum Number

Another Watch with mother fave. My love for wooden dolls stems from here...

The Woodentops with Spotty dog. The Woodentops was a children's television series first shown on BBC Television in

Grange Hill the tv series from 1978 which changed the face of British children's tv.

This is how real kids looked in the No lipgloss, no designer labels, just spots and Woolies clothing.

Animal Magic

Animal Magic with Johnny Morris , remember the animal voice overs he did…

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