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I created Moon Goddess with the #1 intention of healing your whole self: mind, body and soul. BECAUSE IT ALL BEGINS WITH the heart-womb connection. After working with hundreds of women, what I see over and over again is women who are DOING all the right things, but there’s a disconnect between their outward actions and what they feel and believe. Their minds and hearts are essentially working against their bodies. #Fertility #yoga #TheYogaGoddess
A mind-body program that integrates yoga, meditation, visualization, breathwork and cognitive restructuring has been clinically proven to improve pregnancy success rates from 20% with no intervention to 55% with a mind-body program. With my clients I see a pregnancy success rate of over 55%! And here’s why: Anxiety impacts egg production and quality Women with depressive symptoms are half as likely to conceive versus women who are not depressed. #Fertility #Yoga #TheYogaGoddess
Practicing yoga during pregnancy balances emotional stress and hormone levels. Read on to know how these top 14 fertility yoga asanas will help boost the chances
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Blank NYC - Jackets
Muscle and art: On her left arm, Ora sports a picture of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love
Rita Ora Ankle Wings
Rita Ora - Be, France, July 2013 #RedLips
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