OMG!!! This was one of my most treasured things

I had this exact purse. I pulled all of the colored beads off though.

Recorder - I had this model but didn't get too far past 'London's Burning'...

Learning to play the recorder at school. God Save the Queen was the first tune every good Aussie kid learn't to play

I used to wear these socks at first school. One day I got told off for threading grass through the holes

They used to leave the pattern marks on your legs and feet and make you itch!


I wouldn't wear Jelly Shoes today, but I used to have a pair in EVERY color! I wore them all the time; they were my favorite shoe.

Brownie badges. I had all of these and waaaaayyy more. 33 plus the Quest badge which was new at the time.....

Brownie Friends

Brownie badges after successfully achieving whatever they required eg: Cook badge required you pretty much did the cooking and baking etc for a small family for at least a full week. after all, we were probably more than 6 years old by that time

Crystalline Pets, 1976

CRYSTALITE PETS~I bought a set of these for my grandmother at Santa, s secret shop at school

Routemaster Bus top deck

Had to sit upstairs on the double decker with all the smokers back in the day. Because riding the bus upstairs was cool.

Vintage 1972 Mothercare plaid dress

My daughter had this exact skirt, She wore it to death together with assorted little jumpers including one with a squeaking pig on it. She looked so cute.