Onion Bahjis: http://www.samstern.co.uk/recipe/onion-bahjis/

Onion Bhaji These are crunchier and lighter than most. Gram flour is made from chickpeas. Find it in Indian and health food stores.

April Bloomfield turns the British classic of mushy peas in to an elegant spread in this minty and lemony pea recipe.

Crushed peas with mint

Swap frozen peas for fresh ones to give your dishes more flavour; serve peas mushy with fish and chips, pureed with a little mint, or add to salads, pasta and risottos.

Onion Rings: http://www.samstern.co.uk/recipe/onion-rings/

Serve these with your meat and vegetable burgers, chicken, on salads, all sorts. Watch your oil constantly as you fry and never-over fill the pan with oil or cook too many rings at once. They’re good and crunchy.

Fresh Mango Chutney: http://www.samstern.co.uk/recipe/fresh-mango-chutney/

Prep Peel the mango. Slice then dice into small pieces. Peel and finely dice the onion. De-seed and finely dice the chilli.

Cucumber Pickle: http://www.samstern.co.uk/recipe/236-2/

Enjoy with smoked fish and fish pate. Also good with a cream cheese sandwich.

Mexican Grilled Corn Salsa: http://www.samstern.co.uk/recipe/mexican-grilled-corn-salsa/

For a healthy BBQ side dish that’s full of flavour, try this tangy Mexican Grilled Corn Salsa. Throw together juicy tomatoes, sweet and smoky corn, crunchy red onion and add a kick with jalepeños – add more if you like it hot.