Hillman Imp  *childhood school pick ups in the Yellow Peril with vinyl seats.  Murder in the hot summer of 1976

'After the first Christmas it was a car Daddy bought him, a Hillman Imp the colour of acid-green pear drops.' - Upstairs at the Party

1972 Austin 1300.These were like the #Luxury version of the mini - with softer suspension (that would fail too regularly though ;-)

1972 Austin were like the luxury version of the mini - with softer suspension

Vauxhall Viva 1963-1979 1,516,792 built, with 1057 remaining in the UK, for a total of 0.0697% left.

1976 Vauxhall Viva HC Despite a number of "tweaks" the car still looked basically the same as when launched in Just look at those skinny tyres!

1969 Albion

Albion SOLD 1969 albion clydesdale 4 wheel tipper, mot exempt, tax'ed very good condition for drives perfect, ev

1969 Vauxhall Viva - my first car AAN806G!

1967 Vauxhall Viva (by Opal) also sold in Australia as a Holden HB Torana.

Austin 1100 Mk2, 1967

Austin lots of holidays sat at the side of the road watching it boil up (This is not my caption, but I kept the previous pinner's anecdote, because it made me laugh)

Vauxhall Cavalier - 1975

Ford’s loss was Vauxhall’s gain, with the Cavalier stealing sales from the slow-selling Sierra.

Austin 1100 MkI Saloon - (1964)

Austin 1100 MkI Saloon - mijn auto,ik wou dat ik hem nog had.

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