Samuel Pike

Samuel Pike

making remote sense of it all...
Samuel Pike
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Custom Fountain Pens

I would like to think the top screwed on and locked in place. I can almost imagine the balance of this pen in my hand.

Remote Sensing News

News about Remote Sensing Technologies.

Girl Walk // All Day

Girl Walk // All Day - a 71 minute movie to the music of the Girl Talk album All Day directed by Jacob Krupnick.


Saw the world from space from my work at Radarsat (satellite), so fortunate!


Space Innovation In Practice: How Have Europe And Africa Continued To Receive Up-To-Date Weather Coverage.

Landsat 7

The 5 Most Artistic Satellite Photographs of Earth Captured by NASA--small, blocky shapes of towns, fields, and pastures surround the graceful swirls and whorls of the Mississippi River, the largest river system in North America.