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Samuel Michael

Samuel Michael
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Johannes Blaeu | Atlas maior, siue, Cosmographia Blauiana. Volume 1 (1662) / Sacred Geometry <3

There is more to this world that can be experienced with the senses. Law of Attraction is one such thing. You can't explain the flow of energy just by observing. You must FEEL your way to it

Sacred Geometry

Alchemy - Llew Mejia :: I started drawing a Green Tree Python, but then it kind of took off into some occult stuff, touching up on some more symbolism from Rosicrucians, the Priory of Sion as well as some Alchemy textbooks I was looking over.

Basile Valentin - Clef IX - "La Révolution des Planètes et des Couleurs"

Center of insights into Khalil-Ghibran's poetry books and other works. Enjoy up-to-date advice on self-publishing and how-tos on writing