Creating stunning borders is the highlight of having a garden. Seeing them in full bloom is what makes the hours of

How to Create a Herbaceous Border on a Budget

Perennials Plants for Low-Maintenance Gardens-This is a beautiful little garden idea for my future yard. I love that its low-maintenance too.

Lavenders, Silver Spears, Pittosporum and grasses make for a lush, but low water landscape in a difficult area

Make Your Garden Lush

create a lush garden.great use of grasses to fill in a space, and take note that much of this garden is foliage…

Guernsey Garden - Acres Wild. Beautiful detail of the stone fragments in the risers

Relaxed Family Garden Design in Guernsey with granite steps and walls and Mexican Daisy softening the hard landscape

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Anthony Paul is internationally renowned for his innovative and contemporary garden and landscape designs.

I just LOVE Alliums!

Which! Gardening selects seven of the best alliums for your garden

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