Michael Caine 1965 Photo David Bailey

Michael Caine 1965 Ph David Bailey

John Lennon by David Bailey...a long long time ago when I spent a year working in the world's best camera shop in Soho, London, Bailey used to come in nearly every Saturday to drink champagne and have a natter with the boss, Keith Johnson. And nearly every Saturday Bailey would offer me a cigarette and grunt with surprise when I said no. I think he often had a rough Friday night, or a sore throat from all the cigs, because grunting was the main thing he did.

David Bailey ‘John Lennon’ Considered one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, David Bailey is credited with photographing some of the most compelling images of the last five decades.

The Gallagher brothers by David Bailey

Liam & Noel Gallagher by David Bailey (brotherly love and hate and music) Oasis

Terence Stamp, 1965, photo by David Bailey

Terence Stamp, 1965, photo by David Bailey

Photograph of Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey. 1960's

In 1962 legendary swinging British photographer David Bailey went on his first foreign assignment to New York. He had been commissioned by British Vogue to photograph his model girlfriend Jean Shrimpton for an editorial fashion spread.