LucyRavenscar - Crochet Creatures: Itty Bitty Bat - free amigurumi pattern

This tiny little bat, depending on the yarn you use, will end up about tall, with a wingspan of about The feet are actually small loops, so your bat can hang upside down from a small stick or length of yarn or cord.

My innocent Big Knit woolly hats Over the last few years I’ve noticed incredibly cute woolly hats appearing on bottles of Innocent Smoothies in the Autumn. At first I was clueless……

Little knitted Christmas wreath. Free pattern by Drobiazgi Maknety, thanks so xox

Little knitted Christmas wreath. Free pattern by Drobiazgi Maknety - English instructions at the bottom of the page. CONVERT TO CROCHET?

I need to learn to knit her patterns are adorable !!! pencil dolls- If you'd like to make a Pencil Doll you'll need small amounts of double knitting yarn (light worsted in the US and 8 ply in Australia). You'll also need a pair of 3.25mm needles (US size 3) Body - cast on 12 stitches. Knit 10 rows  in plain garter stitch. Cast off.  Head - cast on 12 stitches, Knit 10 rows in stocking stitch (alternate a knit row with a purl row). Don't cast off. Cut the yarn leaving a 15cm (6in) tail and…

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