Funky UpCycled Wardrobe by A to Z Custom Creations

Funky UpCycled Wardrobe by A to Z Custom Creations. Love the frame on the top drawer and the different handles on each.

Another idea for dressing room. Ignore pattern of fabric but think about the idea. Fabric covered doors are more practical than wallpaper covered. More expensive than wallpaper but less than De Gournay. We could use any fabric - patterned or plain. V good for sound insulation and would stop the dressing room looking too boring with all those cupboards and much softer. Very keen on this idea !

Stunning design by Todhunter Earle Interiors. kaizen created bespoke furniture throughout this smart Kensington residence



Colorful scrapbook paper w mod podge. Tutorial is in German so this is just for inspiration (Diy Paper Decorations)

Creative Ideas for Using Wallpaper

Cover closet doors with paintable embossed wallpaper. Wallpaper your door panels, it is a beautiful flair to add to any room without overdoing it!

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