Edgar Degas, born Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas, 1834 - 1917

12 Perfect Degas Quotes To Help Unlock Your Inner Artist

The Ballet Class (La Classe de Danse), Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France (Edgar Degar) Style: Impressionism Genre: Genre painting Technique: Oil. This painting is another incredible Degas and really captures the style and elegance of ballet classes in the

And Still She Doesn't See Contemporary Art - Lorraine Christie

Contemporary Art - Lorraine Christie And still she doesn't see


I think if I ever have a girl I will definitely put Degas' beautiful dancer painters in her room to class things up! Danseuse, Dancer by Degas Canvas Print

I saw a Degas exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery in London, and have loved his work ever since.

Print of Degas' Blue Dancers on canvas. Product: Wall artConstruction Material: Cotton canvas and woodFeatures: Blue Dancers 1899 by Edgar Degas

Degas - The rehearsal c 1873-78

Edgar Degas

Edgar Germain Hilaire Degas (Ballet rehearsal) Art Poster Print - Art Poster Print by Edgar Degas,


Sepia toned paintings of Manhattan streets by artist Geoffrey Johnson. I think some of his paintings find the perfect balance between figurative and abstract, which is rather exceptional.

"Sweet Surprise" by Lorraine Christie

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Bill Jacklin - order and disorder of people and public spaces. certain people in focus to highlight different personalities or in colour for people who might stick out of society, linking in with slight personality disorder.

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