Catching tadpoles in the stream

Spring was the time to catch tadpoles. We kids went out back to the pond behind my grandmother's house and catch tadpoles in jars. When they grew too big for the jars, we let them go back into the pond.

I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher, 1965

I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher Top of the Pops 1965 Do you remember listening to this song on the radio? I remember watching Sonny & Cher Show on TV.

Spirograph - always wanted to draw the owl but before it was finished the pen would slip

Vintage Spirograph game 1968 No. 401 Canadian edition

Vintage Spirograph game 1968 No 401 Canadian by PourToujours - OMG I loved Spirograph when I was a kid - I spent hours and hours using it.

Polio sugar cube vaccine, much better than an injection.

Polio sugar cube vaccine We lined up outside the local junior high; and parents and children alike ate their cube of sugar containing life-saving vaccine.

Singin' in the Rain (1952) starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor & Debbie Reynolds. Mr. Kelly was sick with a 103 °F (39 °C) fever as he was taping this scene. Amazing performers!

Singing In The Rain - Singing In The Rain performed by Gene Kelly HD Widescreen Upscaled and Cropped

Primary School tapestry

I remember doing this in Junior school, hated it back then, now love cross stitching!

Woolworths "Pick 'n' Mix - we were allowed to spend a whole £5 of our Christmas money on it!

Woolworths "Pick 'n' Mix - we were allowed to spend our Christmas money on it!

Transistor Radio

Transister Radio with case . My dad worked for zenith so we were the first in the neighborhood with our own transistor radios and leather cases. I slept with mine up under my pillow every night in the Loved my AM radio!


Brightly colored modeling clay for hours of creative fun. (Children's craft item from England.) It was called Plasticine folks, stunk too.

Petticoat Junction

Petticoat Junction There's a little Hotel called the Shady Rest at the junction. That's Uncle Joe and he's moving kind of slow at the junction, Petticoat Junction! (Next town over from Hooterville!

The "Vol Au Vent" if you were at a function where there was flock wallpaper, there would be a couple of plates of these on a tressel table somewhere in the room.

The "Vol Au Vent" -- party food of the I loved them as long as there wasn't any with a cheese sauce.

Rounders, hated every minute.

Loved playing Rounders - we played in the vicarage garden at Wath Junior School

Pretty Peach - I used to feel so grown up when I used this.

NOT MORE Pretty Peach, its haunting me. l will be having nightmares that a giant bottle of it is chasing me trying to smother me in the stuff!