Rupert Bear Annual 1965 - I had this Nan used to buy me one every Christmas (right up until I was 35!!)

Rupert Bear Annual 1965 - brothers had this every Christmas. Loved the magic painting pages.

Ahhh Rupert Annual! ~ Relatives from England used to send them to us for Christmas! ♥

Rupert Annual, including Rupert's Magic Painting Pictures, United Kingdom, written and illustrated by Alfred Bestall, published by The Daily Express.

Rupert the Bear used to get the annual for Christmas

Rupert the Bear- I grew up reading Rupert the bear books! As well as watching the cartoon series as a kid and who can forget the Annuals.

my favourite Rupert 1960

my favourite Rupert 1960 Rupert the bear! i loved when the punk band "the toy dolls" did their own version of Rupert the bear!

Rupert the Bear annual (published in 1974)

Fiction Fridays #18: Rupert the Bear

Rupert the Bear annual (published in loved Rupert books as a child, especially when I was sick, they made me feel better

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1953 Annual with Pong-Ping the Pekingese, Algy Pug, Bill Badger and Rupert the Bear. Written and illustrated by Alfred Bestall.

Alfred Bestall - Rupert annual - Daily Express, 1948.

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A facsimile of the 1963 Rupert Bear Annual which contains 5 adventures. This annual has been reproduced as close to the original as possible.

Rupert Annual, United Kingdom, illustrated by Alfred Bestall, published by Oldbourne Book Co. under license from The Daily Express.