wood wall

modern but cozy office, marble, wood, grey walls, interior design and decorating wood stools // BDDW wood wall :: kitchen nook :: chalk boar.


I got a thing for colour and texture, so for me this couldn't get any better.Well maybe i would add a bit of sparkle :o

Su combinación de telas le da una textura agradable e interesante

Perfectly pink flamingo wings, perhaps? Textile art by Hanne Friis via LaPorte

Bordado y pintando por  Liz Payne

FlirtingwithYellow Original art titled 'Friday' - hand painted textile embroidered and beaded by hand in a double sided frame

Have no idea what it is but put this for embroidery inspiration.

''Liberty have collaborated with “We Make Carpets” for their latest window concept ‘party’. We Make Carpets sample everyday objects and transform them in an inventive way to form graphical patterned carpets.

Sabatina Leccia color fiber art textile embroidery sew

Sabatina Leccia's Embroideries are Explosions of Color


Details of Roberta Einer Graduate S/S collection: A vfile by Designer VFILES: Connect, discover, collaborate, and be part of what’s next.

Diseñadores: 'Herida'-Tanana Takite | ConexionModa

Textile Artist Marit Fujiwara uses stitch and fabric manipulation to build up textures with a marbled surface. Would be interesting to combine this with my other marbling experiments to create new textures.

Felt wall design by Claudy Jongstra. Central Public Library, Amsterdam.

Imágenes laneras VIII

Felt wall design by Dutch artist of tapestries and large scale textile art installations, Claudy Jongstra. Installed at the Central Public Library, Amsterdam,

curva, trazo, textura

Texture- I feel like this is a great example of texture because if you were to actually feel what is in the picture you would feel the rigidness and the bumps which would be considered texture MOVEMENT


graduate collection 'Wound' by Marit Fujiwara, BA Textile Design grad from Chelsea College of Art and Design. this is a detail from a dress. you must click through to see her full garments. absolutely amazing and so inspiring.


'Not Afraid' - a hand embroidered and beaded textile artwork by Liz Payne idea for cross stitch rug