Free Printable Vintage Victorian art

bumble button: Victorian Rose clip art for labels and frames from antique scrap books Shabby Cic Romantic Cottage

More from the Scientific Illustration tumblr feed.  I love how much life there is in this skeleton drawing.

paul schwartz skeleton life drawing anatomy art still life. Might change it to a full skeleton though .

Illustrations Entomologiques - bourdon terrestre

Illustrations naturalists and scientists - Paintings insects - Gallery - Category: entomological illustrations - Image: Earth Bumblebee

Autumn Dellaway

I love how the absence of colour in these drawings allow the emotions and concept of being together come through. I love how realistic these drawings are, particularly the wrinkles around the man's eyelid in the top drawing.

Valerio D’Ospina

Cities bring people together but can ironically make people feel lonely. Valerio D’Ospi

I like different medias used this piece because the varsity of colours make it look very attractive. I want to used fragments of mixed media like this in my project.

So this is my main idea for the Fragments question on the GCSE Art exam

Disciplinas Múltiples del artista Patrice Murciano llamada Angel's Skull

30 Mind-Blowing and Colorful Paintings by famous French artist Patrice Murciano

I feel that this illustration is a perfect representation of bipolar disorder. Having two sides.

I just think it's cool af. Meyoko vs Ali Gulec FACE OFF Skull-A-Day vs Street Anatomy Gallery Show International Museum of Surgical Science Chicago May August 2013

Alison Lambert (Hands Together, charcoal and pastel on paper)

Jill George Gallery represents paintings, drawings, watercolours, monoprints and limited edition prints by British Contemporary artists from the established artist to the recent graduate.

Bird Crow 01Sold - Cas Holmes, I went on one of her workshops a few years ago, inspirational

Bird Crow - Cas Holmes, Apart/ Together/ Line/ Stitch/ Textile/ Fabric/ Layer/ draw